Hypertext Pre-processor
PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor which is used by general purpose scripting language programmers who perform web development and can use this code in the HTML. It is suited for server-side web development and it runs on a web server. The advantage of PHP over other web programming language is that it can be run on Windows and UNIX servers. It also has the capability to interact with very many databases including opensource systems like mySQL. PHP is cheap, secure, fast and reliable for developing web applications. It is dynamic and works in combination with HTML pages to display dynamic elements on the page. The web scripting language has its roots in C and C++. PHP syntax is very comparable to C and C++ language syntax. So, developers who are already familiar with one of the programming language will find it easy to learn and expand. PHP parses code within its delimiters. It interacts with many relational database management systems that makes it one of the popular web servers and be available for many operating systems. The International PHP conference is one of the top opportunities to meet experts in PHP and web technology space. At the conference, famous experts from the industry meet with the users and development community to share their ideas. The discussion topics will help the audience network and get knowledge transfer at the highest level in one go. PHP conference can help developers develop programs, applications or web sites using the language for web development and business applications. Developers of PHP can do software as well as web development programming. The conference lets an individual network with a team of PHP community developers who regularly updates tutorials, documentation, online help and FAQ. The development in PHP is platform agnostic and it is one of the significant benefit of what's uber x developing the skill in web environment. Also, it supports all major web servers and can be deployed in multiple platforms. The advantage of attending this conference will help one become proficient in web development which is a constantly evolving and competitive field. It will help build contacts and career growth. By attending this conference, one can know about the exciting jobs and avenues of development for one’s career growth. The details of the Crea conference are as below
  • Venue:
  • Date:
  • Discussion topics include
  • PHP development
  • Server & Deployment
  • Web Development
  • Web Architecture – Dos and Don’ts
  • Testing highlights
  • Agile process for Development & Operations
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Program Highlights:
  • Speaker slots
  • Best Practice Sessions
  • Hands on workshop
  • Expo booths with exhibits
  • Social networking during snacks, drinks, lunch and dinner
  • Freebies: Mugs, Magazines, T-Shirts, Bags, annual subscription for magazines, Raffle prizes for IPad
  • The speaker package shall include
  • Full conference pass
  • Accommodation
  • 3 complimentary hotel night stay
  • 100% reimbursement of airfare/travel costs for international speakers
  • Pick up and drop off service from/to the airport
PHP Development
The reason for the popularity of PHP is its ability to easily integrate with development environments thereby making it a cost-effective solution. It has feature rich functionality much like a programming language. The language is very easy to learn that it requires no prior programming skills. It is free of cost and user friendly. It is an effective programming language and supports all the leading databases. Its secured way of developing website and dynamic web application prevents threats and malicious attacks from hackers. IT is trusted by many websites and web developers who are instrumental in building most highly visited and popular websites. The reason for calling PHP as a pre-processor is that the file libraries used by the system are already compiled. As the request for PHP page is invoked in the browser, request is routed to the server. Server interprets the PHP file request and the return the file back to the requestor as HTML. HTML language helps render the browser in the format coded for and PHP will be a scripting language that can be used on web pages written in HTML. Since the language primarily focuses on server-side scripting, requests like collecting form data, creating dynamic page content, cookie reading or sending are easily possible in this development. PHP scripts have three principal areas of focus – server side, command line scripting and desktop application. PHP is not limited to only HTML pages output but also image output, PDF files, flash movies on the fly. Also, text such as XHTML or any other XML file can be output using PHP. PHP has support for talking to LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, HTTP, COM (on windows) etc. and it opens raw socket connection to interact in that protocol. Data exchange can be made feasible across web programming languages using PHP. Also, using PHP, we can instantiate Java objects and use them transparently as PHP objects.

Crea Files Website – FAQ

  • 1. What are the services that you provide?

    For people interested in learning PHP, we conduct online classes, conferences at various locations and support the community to solve their queries regarding the programming language.
  • 2. How can I participate in the PHP conference?

    Check our website for any notification of conference held near you or contact us directly to conduct a conference near you and register yourself to participate.
  • 3. Who will lead the conference?

    The conference will be led by our team of PHP experts, web developers, and industry leaders.
  • 4. How to enroll the online PHP classes?

    Choose your desired course from the choices we offer and register yourself with username, mail ID and password and enroll the class by paying the tagged amount for that particular course.
  • 5. Do you accept offline payment through postal services?

    No, we will accept the online mode of payment. You can use a credit card, debit card or net banking to pay; all bank cards are accepted even for the purchase of food app - ubereats clone
  • 6. Can I pay the course fee after registration?

    No, it is a must that you pay the course fee during registration itself.
  • 7. Is it possible to join when the course has already started?

    It depends upon the number of vacancies available to enroll the course. If there is a vacancy, then yes you can join.