Town-cloud-computingCloud architecture comprises of components and subcomponents that are needed for cloud computing. The components shall broadly include a thin client front end platform, storage server’s backend, cloud based delivery and network. Cloud transformation is becoming a growing trend that more and more enterprise applications are moving their business to cloud.

If database is required, Database architecture will structure the set of rules, process and specification of how the data will be stored in a database and how it will be accessed by the components of a system. This will give details on the data dictionary usage, data types, relationships and naming conventions.

Some of the best practices in designing a website include –

1.      Intolerance towards slow applications is rising amongst web users. It is very essential that page renders on the site very fast and it will significantly increase user retention

2.      It is essential to build websites for best performance and that will imply cutting off all long winding code, asynchronous loading, delayed content rendering etc.

3.      Direct database access using user provided input should be avoided because it will give room for security breaches

4.      Authentication credentials and other customer sensitive information should not be stored in plain text

5.      Sensitive and personal identifiable data of the user should be stored in encrypted format in the database

6.      Websites should be responsive in its rendering. It should render seamlessly in all form factors that the users try to access.

Any system built with scalability in mind will have a less expense overhead to manage over the long-term and is easier to build out. It should require less people for building, be easier to system test and easier to debug.

Opting for proven technology in web development projects promotes stability, security, and maintainability. It improves and contributes to the overall success of the web applications and PHP can become a very useful tool for building one such great and powerful web application.