g1Web landscape is constantly evolving, and many companies are still stuck in the outdated standards.

Website functionality is clearly marked by the ease with which a viewer can navigate the website and obtain the information they are seeking. A web content management system that provides guidelines to website authoring, collaboration and admin tools will have a significant weightage for a website functionality and hence on the architecture. The content should allow users with little knowledge on programming to create and edit the contents in a website with much ease.

The planning and design of the various components of a website like technical, functional, business and visual constitutes the website architecture. This will be done by the website designers and designers before developing a website. It is an extension of service oriented architecture to websites. This provides the logical layout and components of a web server that is essential for the operations and services of the website.

The website architecture can be grouped under the following topics –

Information architecture that primarily focuses on the organizing, structuring and labelling of the contents in an effective and sustainable way.